I’m a cherry-picker and proud of it!

Sale Shoppers Annoy Grocers as They Save | NYT

Grocers loathe the shoppers known as “cherry-pickers” — people who visit several stores on a single grocery run, choosing only the sale items in each. “I remember working with a grocery company, and the head buyer was talking about cherry-pickers. He used terms like ‘rape,’ ” said Edward J. Fox, a professor of marketing at Southern Methodist University. “They feel it’s a violation of trust.”

Mind those MySpace video clicks… Yes, I know MySpace sucks and many of you hate MySpace and many of you SAY you hate MySpace and still browse around it, regardless, watch yer’self. Zango Accused Of Deceiving MySpace Users | SecurityProNews

Users of MySpace who find a link to a video and press the Play button may have just agreed to install adware from 180solutions’ Zango division.

A serendipitous search by Vitalsecurity.org through the profiles on MySpace for adware companies revealed profiles belonging to Zango. The Zango profiles were crafted to push Zango’s products to visitors.

I think I just prefer the thinly veiled, gay porn site link profiles that beg you to “come to this site to see more pics and videos of me and my friends.”

My co-worker gave me a copy of “The Devil Wears Prada” yesterday, the very same morning I was looking at downloading the audio book. She thinks that the book will be a lot more fun after having seen the film.

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