Daily Archive: July 5, 2006


Silly online game addictions

I can not stop playing ZWOK. It’s the usual simple projectile/angle/force game, but you can sign up for an avatar and over time you earn more types of projectiles and it’s cute in a kinda Tim Burton’esque Beetlejuice sorta way....


Owie! and other gripes

While I am glad to see that I was able to walk over 2.5 miles last night and burn approximately 368 calories, my legs are really letting me have it today. I keep standing up to stretch and they’re all...


Who’s that fat guy to the right of him?

Turns out the “fat guy” we were looking at was Karl Rove. Jeezy Creezy, what a day. After the shopping/tourist/t-shirt early afternoon, I came home drenched in my own juices and sat around 1/2 naked just to dry out. All...