Daily Archive: July 28, 2006


gender neutrality was just a red herring

This is silly, I know. Amazon was looking at my recent clicks and suggested some things to me, one of them being a board game based on the series Yu-Gi-Oh!: Capsule Monsters, which I mentioned yesterday. Now while some giggled...


unintended consequences

Seems you didn’t need that Slim Jim or National Enquirer after all | NetworkWorld.com The law of unintended consequences is taking a chomp out of grocery chain profits as more stores transition from human clerks to self-service checkout technology, thus...


“better than Cakelove”

Or so says a co-worker of my banana bread. I didn’t take photos because I’d forgotten just how fast and easy it was to assemble, and then I found out the light in my oven has gone out, still, at...