It’s finally happened, Netflix has throttled me! *wah!

Netflix Throttling Illustration

I was well aware of the top 5 movies in my queue only the #1 of which has a “short wait” and the one they’re sending me now is most certainly NOT among them. Not that I mind, obviously, since it’s in my queue, and they did send me “The Producers” when it wasn’t at #1 either, but still, I was looking forward to those #2 & 3 discs being shipped. *pout*

At some point this weekend, I’ll start on the Da Vinci Code final quest puzzles. I thought I would start it at the office, but the minute you start it, the clock is ticking, and there’s no pausing or logging out or you’re disqualified. So I’ll wait til I have some time to sit down and do it.

Ugh, 25 spam mails since getting to the office. My hosting service does a fairly good job of junk mail scanning, and I guess an avg of 4 an hour isn’t too bad, but I’d like some REAL e-mails. I’m not even gonna go into how much spam the gmail account gets, that’s so insane they just need a “delete all spam?” button. Anyone wanna start being electronic (or even pen & paper) pen pals so I can get some e-mails I’d actually enjoy opening?

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