Too many oranges!

Sangria!What do most people do when they have too much fruit around the house before it goes bad? Eat it? Oh no, too simple. Got oranges? Make sorbet and sangria! As much as I love fresh squeezed juice in the morning or for a cocktail, sometimes it’s just too much work for on-demand juice. However sorbet and sangria are low-effort items that are easy to set up the night before, the sorbet mix has to be chilled and the red wine in the sangria benefits most from letting the fruit sit in it overnight.

After all was said and done, I could barely get through two glasses of the sangria today, but that’s just as well, it was a pretty relaxed weekend, I got a bit of shopping in, and some cleaning, got about 40 cook books catalogued into Delicious Library and headed to the store last night because I had the roast chicken hankering and it would not be denied!

soup's on!All pics from the weekend’s kitchen storm are here. It’s a good thing to as this week I’ll be laundering and putting together lists for the beach and the last thing I want to worry about is what to make (order) for dinner.

Ok now I’m stuffed from dinner and a little worn out from cleaning up after dinner — bedtime now!

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