mmm, vinegar

It’s been a good past few days in the kitchen for me, even after nursing a colossal hangover on Saturday from Bear Happy Hour at Titan, I managed to walk out to Popeye’s for greasy food to soak up the alcohol that I could still feel in my system — armed with a shopping list of ingredients for a nice simple bolognese. It turned out well and didn’t really require a lot of babysitting, so I feasted on pasta with sauce and watched a vcd of the previous night’s Battlestar Galactica so I could be lazy on the couch instead of just watching it on my computer as usual.

Then last night I decided salad was in order and since I had way too many bottles of “designer vinegar” lying around, I know people think they make great gifts, but honestly I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve used it in cooking anything… I decided a vinaigrette for a plain salad was in order. Jenifer says I don’t get enough greens as it is. Champagne vinegar + garlic cloves + dijon and a hint of mayonnaise whisked with salt, pepper and olive oil = very yummy over spinach leaves.

I ended up liking the dressing and salad so much I only had a small plate of pasta, and wasn’t hungry or snacky the rest of the evening. There are so many food basics that I feel I should just know, but I rarely have to come up with a meal on the spur of the moment anymore using whatever’s available. I’m no Iron Chef.

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