seduced by a techno beat and a little back fat

I’m a little late getting this one online, but I’ve been busy! First off, I know I left the house late, how the heck did I get to work at 7.30a!? Anyway, around the office earlier this week the team was having one of its free chat moments where we all come out of our cubes for one reason or another and just start gabbing away about stuff. It’s totally necessary and I think it helps us work better as a team because we don’t just tell silly jokes, we get into it about things. This can also be bad because we’ll realize we’ve been talking for far too long and have to break it up.

My co-worker Kris told me about the recent Daily Show with Bill Clinton and how they also had a segment interviewing Bleu Copas, former military intelligence officer, who is gay and an Arabic linguist (not like we need those at all) who was discharged — he was outed by anonymous e-mail. And like many Daily Show segments, it’s a serious topic, handled well, but with just the right amount of comedy. I edited it this morning and of course as soon as I came back from the shower, it had uploaded and I saw many others of the same clip, but I figured *eh*:

[flv:tds_bleu.flv 496 372]

I’ve really got to start tivo’ing the Daily Show more often. 2 favorite lines from the segment, “I know I’d rather die in a terrorist attack than suffer through an uncomfortable shower with a gay.” and “As we continue to fight for our lives at least we don’t have to worry about Arabic translators who can be seduced by a techno beat, and a little back fat.” Pure gold! And, “back fat” aside, Jason Jones is a looker!

And so that I don’t let people down on the weekly dose of “Awwww, how sweet”… Last night I was chatting over IM with the guy and we joked that I needed to move to an apartment building across from the main zoo entrance since there’s a Starbucks on the ground floor. I said that then I might never see him on the metro commute to work again, and commented that since that first time a week ago we had yet to see each other. He sends back a reply that pretty much said, we only needed that one time. (I can’t recall exactly what he sent because I’m tired) — Awwwww! I’ve been cleaning up my place this week as I’ve invited him to come over and hang out this weekend. I’m not sure what we’ll do aside from hang out and watch tv/movies. I’ve already said I’m not cooking, though I might bake some cookies… y’know, just to gauge his reaction to chocolate.

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