Bakers… start your ovens!

Autumn KissDave at Soliloqueer says, “I consider it to be fall on the first day you can go outside and your breath fogs up in front of your face.” We’ve had the breath-foggy mornings for a few days now, and I think he’s right. My whole attitude has changed, I can smell the leaves starting to decay and change color and that just DOES something to me. The farmers markets are full of apples and cider — and PEAR cider, and I’m ready to roll out a pie crust and get to baking. Fall is definitely my favorite season with Spring being a close second, maybe because they’re the seasons of the most change, Winter and Summer are mostly constants.

The new moon is tomorrow, fall equinox just after midnight Saturday, it’s looking to be a very good weekend ahead. I was wishing I lived in more reliable area with respect to safety last night as it seemed a great night for a walk. I’ll just have to work on those pre-sunset strolls after work. And a good cosmo after work from time to time won’t hurt, cranberries invoke the spirit of the harvest and the season! And I am going to have to invite people over more often as there will probably be a lot coming out of my kitchen and I don’t see why my co-workers should be the only ones to benefit from the leftovers.

Who’s up for a trip to the Renaissance Festival? The Cider Barrel (if they’re still around)? I feel road trips coming on, time to break out those rental car coupons.

* I’m a math dunce, apparently (175+140+140) < (148+146+167) so I have improved in my second week: current average 153.

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