Finally!6 months ago I opened an savings account with Bank of America using their Keep the Change promotion. I started the account with an initial $300 deposit and left it alone, seeing how much it would grow based soley on interest, and the trickle of extra change from my day-to-day purchases. Including interest, I just passed the $100 mark after this past Friday’s transactions. I guess it’s worth it as far as not having to do anything, but in terms of a savings account it doesn’t compare to my regular deposits to my ING account. Maybe other people use their debit cards a whole lot more on a daily basis than I do, but I’m not really a shop-a-holic. I have my breakfast (usually cash) or coffee (debit), lunch (50/50) and that’s it on a regular day. Bowling nights I might shop a bit and have dinner out and I rarely go on sprees over the weekend. Perhaps my ending numbers just haven’t worked in my favor. I didn’t try to force my purchases to end in .04 or .17 or anything to game the system since it’s all my money anyway. I think it’s one program that was a lot more hype than substance and I’ll go back to my weekly auto-deposits.

I was also looking up information on this site Pay Per Post, yet another in the “get paid to…” craze. Simply enough, you register your blog, sign up and get paid to write reviews, or include a link in a post. It looks ok on the surface, but I’m not sure that this is for me. Now I’d love to get free crap to write about it in my journal, but the stuff they were offering seemed kinda cheesy, and their site is in “beta” and it’s really slow. I think I’ve seen too many of these programs fold for reasons of “we didn’t know how popular it would be and can’t afford to pay out,” meanwhile they get their money from the sponsors and run. Plus, much as I like to write about gadgets and restaurants and new products… I’m not sure I want to be that much of a hired gun to write about crap that I wouldn’t even want in the first place.

That said, if there’s anyone out there that wants to send me something in exchange for a review — leave a comment. But it better be something good! 😉

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