Myspace deleted. Next?!

Myspace… deleted!
Well I said I’d do it and I did and it’s done. No more Myspace account.

I went through and deleted all friends and photos and whatnot, since they’ll take 48 hours to remove the account, but what it means to me is a lot less spam from a site that I rarely visit. About the only thing I’ll miss is the invitations from Tom Goss to various music happenings around DC, but I think I’ll cope.

Next up might be keeping Facebook but giving it a close onceover. Deciding what I’d like to use it for — social or business networking. Most likely social since I have a LinkedIn account which is more business-oriented, and it’s not like I’ve ever been offered a job based on my Facebook account anyway. It goes back to my evolution of interaction discussion that no matter how far we advance, we fail to show that online. Even though people can use Facebook for so much more, the only way I really see what people are doing is in a tiny sentence that comprises their “status”. These same people won’t use Twitter, which is a lot more accessible, but will log into Facebook every other hour to let people know what they’re up to. I think that eventually we won’t even bother with whole words and the only way our “friends” will know what’s going on with us is a very complicated, yet comprehensive code made up of single letter/digit symbols.

And for giggles, this little tidbit from the AP: West Virginia Mayor Uses Magazine to Prove ID. So it really does pay to get your picture in the papers!

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2 Responses

  1. Lolypup says:

    So your saying now terrorist can go online to those cute self publishing sites and have books or magazines made up which feature themselves as so and so or even a Mayor of a little hick town in W. Virginia and be allowed onto flights. God Bless America!

  2. Tom Goss says:

    That’s sad. My Myspace has been down for almost 3 months now, it’s very frustrating. Then again I didn’t want it to be down.

    Feel free to send me your e-mail and you can get my monthly newsletters, not quite an invite but even better usually!

    Have a good day.


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