Monthly Archive: October 2006


Do you judge other hosts?

Hell yes! Bill, this one’s all for you… Best viewed in full-size. I’ve got to pick up a copy of her book, plus I think Todd Oldham might have had a hand in the photos.


My dear friends…

Please do not let me ever again go to a bar on a night when “shirtless men drink free”… Admittedly, I had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs, but to paraphrase the song, Waking Up is Hard...


red RoVa, red RoVa

I’m not a fan of Virginia, I lived there for a short time and hopefully I’ll never have to go back, but even so I think that this piece of crap filler article comparing Northern VA (NoVa) and the rest...


10,000 pounds

As I have nothing terribly interesting to say just yet, the rainy weather’s sapping my creativity, I bring you this, which looks like the perfect rainy day activity: Coin dominoes.


100% worth the price of admission

I think I may have satisfied my 80’s pop band requirements these past two years seeing Erasure and now the Pet Shop Boys. The concert was amazing, I was a bit concerned how it might go at DAR since that’s...


Você não vai querer que eu chegue no final

Unless you’re paraskavedekatriaphobic, today’s just another Friday to you. Just in case tho, I’m declaring my new cufflinks as “lucky cufflinks” — I got them at Eastern Market for $3. They have yet to turn my shirt cuffs green, so...


An endorsement

If you are not aware of William Mize, check out his site. Now. If you like mystery with… a little bit of a twist, you’ll like the Denton Ward and Monty Crocetti mystery series. I devoured his first book, Resurrection...


A disappointment and a distraction

Everett and I won’t be bowling with the Tuesday night league anymore, we submitted our two week notice yesterday and to my knowledge we’ve received no response yet from the President or Secretary. It sucks, because I like bowling, I...