Here’s a quarter, call someone who ca– oh wait, here’s a dime too, sorry…

Is it a sign of obsession when you feel bad that you haven’t had time to add anything to your journal in days? Yesterday was rather busy at the office so I didn’t have time to catch up on weekend events or the other odd observations that normally come to me on Monday morning, and who am I to deprive you of such inane ramblings?

So to jump right in, $900 Kitchen-Aid Mixer, WTF?! – now I love my Kitchen-Aid mixer and all, but I often think of upgrading, but the hell if I would ever pay or ask for a $900 replacement. It’s like the kind of thing that you put on a wedding registry and some guests still have to go in together on it… to buy a freakin’ appliance. Then again, this is the store where J and I saw the $800 Automatic Espresso Machine however that was damned impressive. It reminds me of my larger thought about gift registries though, if a couple asks for something, I better damn well have proof that they know how or plan to use it. I’m not replacing all of your dishes when I know you haven’t been eating off of paper plates, and I’m not buying you a brand spanking new breadmaker when I know that you’ve never had the inclination to make bread. Forget it, no more, no way, no how. And Ev, since you’re exempt from the know how/plan to thing, I’m just not buying you jack unless I see photos of you donating your old stuff first. *nyahh! That said, the brushed nickel one is pretty hot looking…

I had no idea that if I have exactly $0.00 on my SmarTrip card, that I can still go through the farecard gates. I would have thought zero counted the same to them as a negative. I used to always try to buy exactly enough fare for 2-4 weeks of work trips, to see if I could get it exactly down, but there were always bus rides and weekend excursions, etc. so this came outta nowhere. Yes, it was kinda nifty and yes, I’m just that weird.

Frack is the new Black. It has now appeared in Dilbert. And that’s the original series spelling, too!

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    […] Here’s a quarter, call someone who ca– oh wait, here’s a dime too, sorry… […]

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