Ironically, BLT does not sell B.L.T.’s

It was a weekend of parties, a little bit of work, but mostly parties. Friday morning I got an e-mail from J to say good morning and to let me know that his office holiday party was that evening and was I interested in attending? *cue the ‘are you f–kin’ kidding me?!* The day wasn’t actually looking to be that harsh at the office, so I said sure and planned to head home, do a quick change and head back out. Tasks at the office did run a little longer than expected, but I managed to get home, despite a lot of metro delays and get a cab back downtown. His company held it at Palette, next to the Hotel Madison. I love getting a cab to a hotel, even if I’m just there for the attached restaurant. The cabbies seem a little nicer (probably assuming a larger tip is in order) and when you get there, often a doorman opens your door for you and welcomes you — it’s all very nice.

I’m starting to think that my company simply doesn’t know how to throw a party. Admittedly his office doesn’t have as many people in it as mine does, but it was very elegant, dressy casual, drinks on the house and appetizers just kept coming. Apparently I’d just missed seeing John Edwards. His co-workers are really nice, though I did get the “Where do you work?” a lot more than I expected, but by the 4th martini I really didn’t care. After things wound down we decided dinner was in order and headed over to BLT Steak. We attempted to go there earlier in the week, but traffic karma just wasn’t with us. It’s a great looking steakhouse, but definitely on the upscale side. There’s a huge raw bar as you walk in that looked pretty enticing, and I’m not even into that. The staff is extremely curteous and helpful, their menu is pretty much a la carte like most true steakhouses and that’s ok with me, but I usually prefer a regular menu with entrees that include some greens and veggies. We ordered the porterhouse for two, bleu cheese tater tots and creamed spinach. I was a bit disappointed with the size of the spinach, it was pretty small and for $9 I was expecting more. Plus the server could have let us know that it really might not be enough for two people. The steak on the other hand was freakin’ huge! It wasn’t the biggest piece of meat I’ve ever had (take that phrase as you will), but for two it was impressive and a nice size. It would have to be a pretty special occasion for me to go back there, or one where someone else is picking up the bill but it wasn’t a bad experience, just a little too “old boys club” for me, I half expected to see a big round table in the back corner filled with old men smoking cigars. I wish I had the budget to go around to all the DC steakhouses and give a comprehensive report on them all, perhaps that’s something to work on next year.

Saturday was double party day. After going through about 4 outfits to find something casual that actually fit and looked nice (I’ve got to get back on the diet/exercise train) J and I headed across town to Ev’s new place for the housewarming/cookie exchange. It’s nice, though a little bit of a trek from my place. We met up with Michael there who was our ride to Bill & Ken’s annual holiday party out in Laurel where I met my second Fox 5 TV personality since living in DC and I won a door prize! I can’t recall the last time I was at a party that had door prizes. It seemed as though the prizes were a classy way of re-gifting as Michael “won” a bottle of wine he’d given them at a prior event and I got a book. I definitely ate and drank my fill at both places, I didn’t stay up very long once I got home that night. And it was COLD, sheesh! With the wonky weather lately I’m not sure I’ll see snow before I head down south to visit the family.

I’m putting together addresses for cards and I’ll be getting mine out to those that shared theirs with me soon enough. I’m still thinking the gift card route for the family this year though I did suggest we forget gifts altogether and just enjoy being “home” for Christmas. I think I might sell them on it, maybe I could throw in an offer to make cookies to sweeten the pot.

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