Where’s our snow?

A happy and blessed Winter Solstice to everyone. Now where’s the snow? It’s still in the 40s outside and potentially a little rainy. I don’t think I want Colorado levels, but still, give us a bit of a dusting. Just nothing that would keep my flight from taking off this Sunday. Then again…

Yesterday was a lot of fun, we had a “web team class reunion” of sorts, getting nearly everyone that’s been on the team (and has stayed in touch) since I’ve been here together for lunch at Matchbox. It was good to catch up with Tom and get everyone out of the office to relax for a few hours. Our room has done potlucks in the past, but generally I’m not a big fan of them when you can pick the right place and it ends up costing less to buy your meal than to prep one for an entire office and someone else does all the cooking!

Last night was another Halo happy hour, though I was behaving and only had orange juice cocktails, screwdrivers and mimosas. Partly for the vitamin C, but mainly that straight martinis just knock me on my ass lately and I tend to want to keep my footing for as long as I can during the evening. We finished the evening at the food bar across the street at Whole Foods where I was offered a sample of one of the dishes for the first time ever! The woman behind the counter apologized and said that they normally offer tastings to help people make up their minds about a dish. The Pesto Shrimp was yummy, the Sweet and Sour Meatballs not so much.

I also picked up a box of Emergen-C because my initial attempt at fizzy-drinking vitamin powder was a total bust. Encouraged by a post on Slashfood, I bought an order from Amazon of Hansen’s Fizzit Vitamin & Mineral Drink Mix, the Green Tea variety. OMG it is foul, really foul, and turns my stomach when I try it. I gave it the normal sampling time and decided that I couldn’t handle it anymore. I wrote to Amazon asking if it was possible to return the unused portion and they said that they couldn’t accept the product back, but that they’d refund the full amount of the purchase because I was so dissatisfied with it. I wasn’t expecting that, especially during this time of massive returns, but they win for customer service! They said I should just dispose of the remaining product and I have no problem doing that, yuck!

Today will mostly be trying to wrap up things around the office so that I can maybe swing out of here early tomorrow and get some shopping done. Our fed webmaster is showing Santa Claus Conquers the Martians in one of the conference rooms here at lunchtime, so I think I’ll have to enjoy some of that before my 1pm meeting. Then tonight’s a work happy hour with a few co-workers and spouses/significant others. So much holiday cheer this week, I’m not sure I can stand it!

Oh and could the free daily papers and local blogs please stop posting gift and shopping suggestions seeing as it’s now 4 days to Gift’mas and if you’re shopping online, as many of them suggest, the frustration you’ll pay in shipping costs won’t really outweigh the joy of giving. Where were all these features about a month ago!? Oddly enough, I’ve managed to get back into the spirit of things a little bit, I’m feeling somewhat energized for my last-minute shopping efforts this Friday. There’s something about the frantic energy of the crowds that you can just surf along and focus into your own efforts to get it done that much faster.

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