Almost too hot to sleep

1/2/07 10:15I’m not yet ready to blame global warming… except for that recent Canadian ice shelf, but I wish someone could tell us what is up with the strange weather system that we’re experiencing lately. Normally on a day off in January, I’m happy to stay indoors, grab a blanket and huddle up on the couch with TV. When I looked outside my bedroom window on the 2nd, my brain was already pondering what I was going to put on after a shower and where I was going to go for a walk. I did walk around the area a bit taking some photos, hitting Starbucks and coming back by the store for some healthy snacks to keep around the house. I feel I should try to walk somewhere at least once a day and not just around the office, though if I were to walk completely around the perimeter of the building twice, that’s a good bit of light cardio. I don’t do powerwalking, it just looks silly, and then I see people in their work clothes with trainers on doing their arm swinging and quick stepping and I’m dead certain that I’d look silly. Once we get warmer (for real) weather, I’d be happy to walk back and forth to Chinatown from here on my lunch break.

Time ServedI’ve done my time and I now have clocks to show for it. My company gave me two clocks for my 3 years of dedication. One’s really nice and the other not-so-nice, I’m guessing the latter would be for the office desk so if it got swiped no one would be upset. I’ve never worked for a place that gave you actual nice things for the time you work there. Usually I get crappy pens and tote bags and caps and polo shirts that are so plastered with the company logo one is ashamed to use or wear them anywhere except a company function, so it’s nice to have something to put on the mantle… right next to Optimus.

“Five Messes You Can Manage” – from the Post today, an article about tidying up some rooms in the home:

It’s usually not about too little space: It’s about too much stuff.

Plastic bags, says D.C. professional organizer Scott Roewer. And food storage containers. And food — a particular problem among warehouse club shoppers. “A typical household cannot use 5,000 individual packages of sweetener or the 24-can case of chicken broth,” says Roewer.

Then there are spices: Way too many spices that are way too old, says Fernando Alban, manager at Chesapeake Kitchen Design in Washington. And appliances: “People buy a new coffeepot and keep the old one, buy a new food processor and keep the old one.”

Amen to all o’ that. I’m guilty of the not tossing replaced appliances, but I did put a stop at shopping with Ev at Costco because I simply don’t have the space! I bought a mega package of toilet paper a few years back and it’s still going (yes, I do know how to use it, just a single person household can’t tear through it that quickly).

I feel a latte coming on…

P.S. Did anyone get out last night and see the moon? It looked amazing from Columbia Rd NW at around 5:45pm. No clouds, just an amazingly bright and huge orb suspended against the blue-black night sky. And where was my camera? At home.

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