sick sick sick

I think it’s official. Voice is pretty much gone, throat feels like a volleyball has taken up residence, I woke up feeling like I’d downed 5 bottles of vodka Patsy-style last night. Yep, I’m sick.

While I’d love to say this is related to my being sick, it’s just me being a doofus. As some people were text’d last night, I’d gotten up from my nap and was getting ready to head back out to dinner. I couldn’t decide whether to do bus, train or taxi downtown. As I’m putting things in pockets (wallet, ipod, keys, camera, moleskine, etc) my brother calls to make sure that I wasn’t on the metro train that derailed. While I’m on the phone with him, I’m looking all over for my cell phone, to put it in my pocket so I can head out the door after I’m done talking on the phone with my brother… the brother that called me on my phone… the phone that I’m talking on right now… Hm, where is that phone? — D’oh!

Then again, this is the same brain that would have my house keys attached to my car keys. I’d be driving and all of a sudden freak out that I didn’t have my keys… while the car was turned on and in motion.

Yeah, I’m messed up, I know. But I really am sick. 🙁

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