No more garlic hummus before bed

1/14/07 15:24I had a very odd dream last night. I was in a church, attending a wedding. People were kinda familiar, kinda not, in that typical dream fashion, but the groom seemed very familiar and I was seated on his side, but with his family, not his friends. As the bride started her walk down the aisle, the groom turned and winked at me and I smiled back and closed my eyes for a second. When I opened them, I was in another place completely, a nice hotel room and he was coming out of the bathroom in a robe to join me in bed. Even with the obvious distraction, I was confused as hell and he told me, “Don’t worry, you picked this place. It’s about 5 weeks before my wedding, right?”

I’ll cut the scintillating details of what happened next, but afterwards, we concentrated a little and returned right back to the ceremony. Me in my seat and him awaiting his bride at the altar. The long & short of it was we were having an affair, but either we were traveling to the past to do it, or actively making our past selves get together for it. I had an old worn shoebox at home that would gradually fill itself with plane tickets, movie stubs, museum passes, etc. In concept it was very cool, but in the dream I wasn’t able to completely escape the guilt of it all. Still, it seemed like the perfect crime, and I was even able to go back to the times we’d first met and how we came up our method for getting together.

The only really disturbing part about it was that the guy resembled a local contributor to DC Metblogs, that I ran into recently on the metro and confirmed to a co-worker that while we can’t stand most of his articles, he is more or less a hottie. So now I feel doubly dirty!

Also I discovered that while it may have been 26° (felt more like 6) this morning, if I have my iPod on the right song and I treat the walk to the metro as if I’m in a music video, it doesn’t feel nearly as chilly. Today the Brand New Heavies “Do It Again” got me through and I didn’t really notice how cold it was until I saw a little steam rising from opening my coat on the metro platform. If it’s going to be this cold, give me snow please!

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