The desire of activity without the fit means of gratifying the desire

Today is one of ennui, no other word seems to fit. I’m a little bit sulky because I think I’m still a bit sick, tongue feels a little swollen and throat is sore. Soup helps tho.

Helping J move yesterday makes me realize I really have to clear out stuff, so I’ve been at that a little today too. I’ve put old bowling tourneys on tv because I can listen to it without the need to watch. None of my music stations seem to be playing much worth listening to. My PC died over the weekend as well so until I move the hard drive out, I’m out my entire library but thankfully the iPod has enough stuff on it to keep me entertained. But I’ve been going through books and boxes I can get rid of, kitchen items (did I really need two ice cream makers?), newspaper clippings to organize, shoeboxes to throw out — why the hell do I save those? The only new thing to come into the house recently is a new iron which was needed and works flawlessly. Not that I’ll give up dry cleaning the shirts, but it freshens up my launder-able slacks quite well.

The time change isn’t doing anything to me yet, but the first day is always the easiest. Waking up tomorrow may be an interesting challenge, but the weather is lovely and it looks great outside. I just don’t feel like heading out and enjoying it just yet, though I could use an espresso — Starbucks should deliver!

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