Spring cleaning spilling over into Summer

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Heck of a weekend… for other people, I’m sure. Mine was spent cleaning the heck up out of my place. My cousin accepted a job in DC at a veterinary hospital and is coming up this week on a “find housing” trip. I am very glad that she didn’t ask for my help in finding a place since I have no connections, but she did ask for crash space. This is something, barring emergencies, I’m not good at providing. My place isn’t large, and since our storage area’s been off-limits to residents for nearly the past year, all of my stuff is in my place. With the lights off, for most people my place is a deathtrap.

They just allowed us to move stuff back into storage a few weeks ago, but they made the new rule that we can’t store anything in cardboard boxes. Well guess what everything I had was in? So a quick trip to Target and recommendations from Michael netted me a few Rubbermaid tubs and I managed to clear out some of the stuff, even overcoming my pack-rat tendencies and throwing some stuff out. Even so, there are some things I want to keep that I don’t necessarily have space for, so they’re just going to be “things in storage” until I have a larger place. Some fun during my trips downstairs to take more stuff out, was seeing a resident who’d been dumpster diving carting some of my stuff back upstairs. I’m glad since I did put some items in the unofficial “please take” spot of our trash area out back, it’s good to see some things being reused by someone… just not me.

I also did my usual “6 loads of built up laundry” chore. I always promise I won’t let it get to that point since it only takes 60 mins total to wash and dry, but still when I get in from work, laundry is the last thing on my mind. And while I could have used every machine available to do these, I knew that if I had 6 loads of clean laundry upstairs all at once, they’d never get folded right away, not when I have MarioKart calling my name. So I used 2 machines and 1 dryer (which can handle 2-3 loads of wash) and kept rotating out. On one of my trips down there, I saw that clearly I didn’t understand the concept of “the building shares a laundry room” because a woman was not only using every single available machine, she was also about to take out my wet clothes and those of someone else. I said, cheerfully but loudly, “I’m here, those are mine!” and she responded with a heavily accented, “Oh is yours?” Now I appreciate the stupid gringo routine as much as anyone, but don’t use it on me when 1: you’ve seen me doing laundry that day and 2: I’ve seen you speaking perfect English around the building before.

So my place is firming up. I still have some cleaning to do, and I need to get a key copy made and juggle her visit with a concert tomorrow night and another friend in town, so it’ll be a busy week. My inner introvert may well be curled up in the corner and crying by the weekend, but I’ll drown it with a few gin & tonics and all will be right with the world.

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6 Responses

  1. Gregory says:

    Can’t wait to see the “new” space!

  2. Brian says:

    Gregory: watch yourself or when you come over, I’ll put you to work! 😈

  3. I hear ya on the cleaning. We moved into our place a few months ago, and some things… simply didn’t get unpacked. Irony of all ironies, we’re moving to DC now at the beginning of July, so we don’t have to unpack most of it. Sadly, when one lives out of boxes, life gets nuts.

    So I’m on the six loads of laundry detail tomorrow. Sigh. I’ll be joining that gin & tonic wagon.

  4. Lolypup says:

    Wish you would have told me, I have 5 large rubbermaid bins (2 of which are brand new, never been used) and 3 of the medium sized which I use for moving as a college student having to move from dorm to dorm and summer storage. However since im moving back to Texas they are going to be left behind. If you need anymore, let me know. I also have smaller storage bins all in very good condition that I collected from Target over the years.

    Im going to be having a big sale in August, think I will post everything on craigslist but I could have saved you a few bucks on bins.

    Glad your getting organized!

  5. Brian says:

    Liz: I’m much the same way, most of the mess from this photoset was due to never unpacking old boxes and bringing in new stuff. Even so, there are a few cardboard boxes that have stuff in them that I can’t put in storage until I find a plastic equivalent. It is “convenient” to not have unpacked stuff, but hopefully you’re able to fit everything into the new place.

    Bobby: Gimme those bins! I’ll gladly take them off your hands.

  6. shindo says:

    Packratting is one of those activities that sneaks up on ya. My worst thing is books, though other things factor in as well. Most of the time, I don’t even use them, but I keep them around. I love that I have a storage container of electronically related stuff – cables and the likes. I keep them in plastic too.

    Hang in there. The week will soon pass.

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