Life imitates art, sort of

Laurie Raye said she had everything stripped from her home after someone placed a fake ad on the San Francisco-based Internet site, a collection of online classifieds.

“The instigator who published this ad invited the public to come in and vandalize me,” Raye told Seattle television station KING.

[The Seattle Times | Tacoma woman’s house emptied after craigslist hoax]

My first thought was the episode “Fantasy Date” of “The Closer” where a posting on that fiction’s version of craigslist by a jilted ex-boyfriend led a woman to be raped and murdered. It’s worse than the craigslist sex-baiting prank of last year because it seems pretty specific. The article says that she’d just evicted a tenant, so I imagine they would be high on the list of suspects. I’m a bit confused as to how people got into the property as there’s no mention of people breaking in, just coming and taking stuff away, so was there a key left behind or did the person posting it leave the place unlocked? That’s a little sketchy but still pretty messed up.

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