Second time around

I’ve done my metro good deed for the day so I should have a good evening. Not only did I direct a couple to the correct train (they were already on mine going the wrong way), I told someone to shift their ass, not in those words, as they were leaning on the map trying to maintain their position by the door. There were plenty of open seats, but that wouldn’t do for this person. I sort of understand the desire to have “your spot” on the train, but don’t cover up the system maps. There could be someone who may have ridden the trains for months or years, but that one day they need to go somewhere they’ve never been before and your stupid-ass is counting on the fact that no one’s going to actually ask you to move out of the way.

Last night turned out very nice, actually. I don’t know if I’m surprised or not, I always remember J being a very sweet and romantic person, and it really felt like old times. We went for middle eastern food since he does not eat that which would walk upon land and we really did catch up, good food, good wine, good company. It’s hard to believe that it really has been about 10 years since we last saw each other. I have to admit that there were some feelings that came back to the surface, nothing too intense though. Still in one dinner, he managed to make me feel more appreciated than I can recall in the months dating J (see, this is gonna get confusing). However my perspective is probably a little skewed.

Still, it’s nachos at Merkado and happy hour at Halo in about 45 mins. Good times!

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