RIF used to stand for Reading Is Fundamental!

We just had an all-hands at the office regarding the current RIF happening on our contract. Not fun, no immediate bad news on the horizon, but if anyone wants to help me polish up my CV, I won’t turn down the assistance.

This won’t be of much interest to those reading the mirrored entries on LJ, but I’ve been cracking my CSS knuckles and changing up the layout on the blog. I like WordPress as there are tons of themes out there, almost all of them compliant code and I could change them up every week if I wanted to. Plus with plugins, you can really have fun with the static and dynamic content.

I grabbed the idea to use my template from Danno and I’ve been trying to brush it up a bit with last.fm tracks and recent comments. I finally added threaded/nested comments and the ability to subscribe to comments. I saw that I was getting attention from new readers and realized that I should try and add some functionality that keeps people coming back even if they only add me to an RSS reader. And of course I had to try to make it all look pretty. The upside is that it looks great, the downside is that if I decide to change templates, I’ll have to do a lot of this all over again. C’est la vie!

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