Seriously y’all, I’m punching a bear in the face!

See here and here for some comic-scans context from The Order, but doesn’t that sound like something Paula Deen would say? “Punching a bear in the face.” might just have to become my standard response to what’s up?

Just had another almost famous moment on the metro back from lunch. There have been camera crews swarming our station with the new stadium coming up and we got on at Archives to head back to Navy Yard. On the train with us was a guy with a camera and a perfectly coiffed blonde woman with a folder and a microphone. I was commenting to my co-worker that she looks exactly like the description of the god Media in the book “American Gods” when I turned around and she’s right behind me asking, “Hey do you mind answering some questions?”

She wanted me to talk about whether I was going to be in town and take metro this weekend or try to avoid it all due to the crowds. I think I gave her the responses she was looking for and I hope that I looked ok — ever since pollen season started, the nasal tickle makes me feel like I’ve got a bogey hanging outta my nose. After the camera shot was over she took down my name and where I lived and upon discovering I live in Mount Pleasant asked me questions about the street opening up and if any businesses had been displaced. I told her about the hair salon in the basement of the building moving a block down and she seemed happy for the free info. I guess I saved her a few minutes research online.

I think I started to ramble, as I often do, but maybe they’ll be able to cut some good footage out of it. If so, I might appear on Channel 7 tonight for a few seconds in one of their newscasts.

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2 Responses

  1. Christopher says:

    you’re gonna be famous!!!!!

  2. William Mize says:

    I realize I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I think that the perfect response to “What are you doing?” is Tracy Morgan’s “Doing karate and trying to get females pregnant.”

    Pure, unadulterated hootage.

    – Bill

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