Monthly Archive: April 2007


Table for One: District Chophouse

My weekend did have some good parts to it, this morning’s light stress-out was just an unwelcome Monday visitor… Anyone that knows me knows that I love red meat, often craving it in mass quantities. So a big treat for...


What next?

I’ve been at my desk for approximately 5 minutes after already being delayed by stopped and single tracked green line trains on the way into the office today and after checking voice and e-mail — it’s already that kinda day.


It’ll have to do until I develop telepathy

I’d been IMing someone for a little while and we had a quick dinner get-together/date, they give me their phone number and say “call me sometime”. It has already been established that they keep odd hours and don’t always have...


Headlines from the Edge

This may be the greatest headline for a blog post I’ve seen in a long while, even better because it’s true: Deaf Lesbian Chainsaw Killer Found Guilty. Sadly Queerty is having loading issues this morning, you can read their take...


Good ambiance, poor sales

Photo Memory in the car by vanderwal Now Playing at Starbucks?: A brief musing on a crucial element missing in Starbucks foray into the music market. I haven’t done a podcast before, but I’m trying this service gabcast which seems...


Second time around

I’ve done my metro good deed for the day so I should have a good evening. Not only did I direct a couple to the correct train (they were already on mine going the wrong way), I told someone to...


I still think they’re nasty

I have never been a fan of the Cadbury Creme Eggs, I think they’re disgusting but I do love their commercials with the clucking bunnies and the audition one with other clucking animals. I also know that people really love...