Nope, still gay!

I know I need to stop posting YouTube videos as one day they will crash and burn and leave me with a bunch of broken links, but this one’s worth it. Anyone watching “Heroes” last night (WOW!) might have seen this ad. Serge and I were chatting via Teamspeak and it had us both cracking up.

Since they’re a spin-off of, I had never considered — but now I might just for the brilliance of that ad!

Also, “Heroes” (WOW! again) and VideoReDo does a great job at converting .tivo formatted files to regular .mpeg — one step, no fuss!

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4 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    I laughed very hard at this one.

    Here’s my question about Heroes: if Peter can heal himself, why did he have a scar? Shouldn’t he have been able to make it go away?

    (Note to any die hard fans out there: I am not, in any way, besmirching the actor who plays Peter. God knows I wouldn’t want Brian to get a lot of nasty comments on his site, too…)

    • Brian says:

      Shhh! Spoiler! 🙂

      I wondered about that myself, but I think that maybe he’s just carrying a lot of guilt from the explosion. It looked more like someone sunk a katana in his face…

  2. james clark says:

    ha! this was funny. i didn’t see this as a commercial during Heroes, but i beboop through the commercials always.

    i was wondering about his scar as well but i think in that timeline he hadn’t met claire to save her so was never exposed to her power. but then if he exploded in new york, i’m assuming atomizing himself, how would he have reformed or regenerated? questions abound!

    • Brian says:

      Hm, this comment got marked as Spam – weird. I still think it was guilt. Since this was the future from the point we know it, he would have met Claire and been able to heal the scar if he wanted to.

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