Daily Archive: May 23, 2007


I need to get a decent video camera

The guys over at Penny Arcade said it best, playing Wii Sports can be a workout. I needed something to give myself a chuckle when I got home. I made it here well before my grocery delivery, scheduled from 5...


Is that a hint of a smile?

my new desk angle at work | urbanbohemian – flickr Well I can’t scowl when there’s a camera trained on me, now can I? Brenda was in the office this Monday and wanted to snap some pics of us and...


I spent & I’m spent

One day and just barely over $200 later for groceries and clothes, I’m set for a little while. That total isn’t bad considering my usual spendy’ness. But that’s just for some pantry basics and vitamin water around the house, and...