Just when you thought it was safe…

I tried to be optimistic, I tried to have a positive attitude and outlook, but the will of the people wins out. It’s worn me down with the constant complaining, the griping, the lack of basic courtesy and professional behavior. Every speaker phone call made, every passerby having a much louder than necessary conversation, every desk with a radio or speakers playing music a little too loud for comfort, every cell phone call where people are yelling into the handset even though it’s not even an inch away from their face! All of it, just working my last nerve.

Herman Miller Resolve office furniture The building is quite new and it’s very pretty. The neighborhood it’s in has completely changed than what I remember and when I walk outside I can see the river and so far whenever I’ve gone outside there’s always been a breeze, something I like about being near the water. This would be a lovely place if I were only visiting and didn’t actually have to work inside. We’ve gone from cubicles to new workstations, people have called them all sorts of bad names, usually I hear “pods”, but I think they keep trying to put forth any term to keep us from calling them what they are, angles. They are very nice Herman Miller Resolve office furniture pieces, and they have a lot of potential, unfortunately the only potential this building’s designers were concerned with was “Optimum floor plan”.

Imagine the above picture with a workstation at each 120 degree position and you’ve pretty much got it. Now see where that vase of flowers is? That would be me, completely on the other side of the rest of the team and the rest of the contractors on the floor. With a very noisy group at my back and tons of foot traffic behind me, no filing cabinet, and a standing cabinet around the corner that I’m caught up in a turf war with the summer intern to share. Our project manager said he tried to put the web team in a good spot, so I gotta wonder why my spot seems totally isolated from the rest of the floor.

Add to that the recent shrinkage of the team, another employee heading out on medical reasons, and a new manager that I doubt really knows what he’s in for, and each day is just a big ol’ ball of stress and all I want to do when the whistle blows is go home, curl up and sleep.

Now pardon me while I put my Nancy Reagan frozen smile back on and get to work. So, enough about me, how’ve you been?

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5 Responses

  1. Fredo says:

    I think your office is taking the beehive metaphor to a new extreme: y’all are working in hexagonal workstations.

    Think about that for a minute!

    • Brian says:

      I’d be perfectly fine if, as the picture suggests, we all got 4 walls, arranged for maximum space, but nope, it’s all three around a pole.

      But the beehive symbolism was not lost on me. I should put Beyonce on my iPod and go do a waggle dance in the middle of the room that tells them exactly how far they have to travel and how much they have to kiss my ass. 🙂

  2. shel says:

    Such a similar layout was cause (in small part) for me leaving my last job for this one… I need my quiet, and I need some privacy of some sort to work!

    • Brian says:

      I’m adding it to the list of reasons I should leave, believe me. I’m sitting on a ton of leave time though, so I think I’ll at least stick it out through summer so I can have a getaway.

  1. August 9, 2016

    […] work in a fairly open office plan. Our desks aren’t exactly cubes so much as they’re angles. There’s not a lot of noise control… in fact, there’s none. Typing, ringtones, […]

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