I spent & I’m spent

One day and just barely over $200 later for groceries and clothes, I’m set for a little while. That total isn’t bad considering my usual spendy’ness. But that’s just for some pantry basics and vitamin water around the house, and some tees, shorts, jeans and accessories (you can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes) from American Eagle and Old Navy. Since we’ve just moved into the new office, I’m not sure how to get deliveries at my desk so they’ll be sent home. There’s a lovely older woman on the 3rd floor that is happy to accept deliveries for everyone in the building, she’s always so nice about it, even asking people for their phone numbers so she can let them know they have something at her place — which is good since UPS and FedEx don’t always leave door tags. I think I’ll send her some flowers in appreciation since I shop online a lot, and I’ll be visiting her door quite a bit over the next few weeks while I try to shore up a summer wardrobe and treat myself from time to time.

I passed “Pro” level in Wii Sports Tennis and my skill level is hovering around 1500. I thought it would be the bowling that hooked me, but the tennis game feels a bit more like the real thing. The remote is just not sensitive enough to replicate my bowling approach and throw, but tennis swings are a little more responsive. Still there are times when I wish I had more control over the direction I return the ball. Instead of being able to use real-world tennis physics, I’ve had to learn how the Mii’s on-screen will react and adjust. Still, it feels good to whomp the computer’s ass in straight sets, and I do work up a sweat while playing. (partly from effort, partly from saving on using the a.c.) Marvel Ultimate Alliance isn’t all that easy to play standing up, so I feel a bit weird sitting on the couch with a Wii game, but it does pass the time and the storyline, while a bit hack’y, is fun to play through.

I’m trying my best to come to terms with the office situation. It would help if people would stop walking past my desk and saying things like “Wow, you’re really in the hallway, huh?” or “You’re pretty exposed here, aren’t you?” as if I wasn’t aware of this. I resist temptation to look really surprised and say, “Oh my goodness, you’re right, I am in a crappy location. I hadn’t realized!” But considering everyone that’s stopped by has a better (from marginally to way-better) workspace than I do, I think I’m within my rights to tell them to get bent.

I’ve got to update (and add) my blogroll to my layout. Via twitter I’ve started reading more personal blogs, and while I keep track of them in Google Reader, I feel that one should always pimp out other people’s blogs — mainly for the reverse-pimp-reciprocity factor, but attracting visitors can be difficult and since I don’t share my Google feeds, I may as well get the link’age out there somehow.

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  1. Chris!!! says:

    You’re reminding me that there are sales this weekend, and that I’m officially broke until next Saturday. I suppose that means I’ll just have to search for the really good deals, right?

    “Darling, even Amanda de Cabernet couldn’t remember the word ‘accessories.'”

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