Is that a hint of a smile?

Me in the new office
my new desk angle at work | urbanbohemianflickr

Well I can’t scowl when there’s a camera trained on me, now can I? Brenda was in the office this Monday and wanted to snap some pics of us and the new digs.

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10 Responses

  1. Chris!!! says:

    Awww, what are you complaining about? You’re not in the hallway. You would be if you backed up an inch or two, but you’re so not in the line of traffic where you are 😉

    • Brian says:

      I will hurt you, and it’ll be so bad that even rubbing butter on it won’t help!

      • Chris says:

        Promises, promises…

        Seriously, I feel ya. I hate open new-agey workspaces. A “collaborative workplace environment” is highly overrated. If I couldn’t shut the door on certain coworkers (that can be read two ways and I mean both of them) I’d go bonkers. They’re probably happy that I can lock myself up, too, come to think of it …

        • shindo says:

          @Brian: It’s nice to know you can smile in a cublicle. Those things are hell to work in.

          Here’s a CNN article on the history of the “action office”. Very fascinating.

          Last year, I interviewed for a content writer job where the company did not have cublicles, but polygonal (hexagonal or octagonal) tables where groups of writers and graphic artists were seated around the perimeter facing their computers. It felt like a creativity farm, with the writer’s side of the room being very well lit with no lighting for the graphic artists except the glow of their monitors and some strategically placed lamps. It seemed very Cylon in retrospect.

  2. Fredo says:

    I rather dig the desk lamps. They look pretty nifty.

  3. Christopher says:

    HAHA – And surprise surprise – he has WordPress on his screen!

    • Brian says:

      Shush! 😉

      • Christopher says:

        What is it you actually DO for a living? You work for WordPress don’t you? I swear – this man is always blogging, twittering… if you get paid for that – then tell me where I can sign up for a part time job doin’ that! 🙂 And help me fix my Weather Widget thing!!! 🙂

        • Brian says:

          *hee hee.. I work in web development, so I’m either working on the web for work or taking a scant few mins out to work on my own stuff. Sadly I actually do a lot of real work during the day as well. 🙁

  4. Christopher says:

    Help me fix my weather thingie – please 🙁

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