a certain part, indeed..

I’m sure it was the champagne cosmos, but I had about 4 episodes of Drawn Together on the TiVo that recorded starting at 2 in the morning and they all had the following commercial. I didn’t really pay attention and would have skipped over it if I hadn’t needed to refill my plate and my glass, and I hear from the kitchen, “… a certain part of the male body …” and just started cracking up. The video testimonials and the little re-enactment are priceless! It had to be saved, and shared.

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2 Responses

  1. shindo says:

    If this were only available when Samantha was dating James, the man she liked who but had a small part of the male body (Sex and the City). It would have saved her sex life and from humiliating him in front of the couple’s counselor.

    I can’t get over that these men would admit to taking this pill in front of their wives or girlfriends. It just doesn’t seem real. Then again, what informercial is real?

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