We should catch up!

Renee Gomez here, we should catch up I don’t even have the words for this one. The things my spam filter lets through are just priceless. It’s actually safe for work in that I can’t even tell what that picture is supposed to be. I just love the subject of the message, “we should catch up” — brilliant. And while the e-mail address is 100% correct, apparently I’ve changed my name to Josh Taylor ❓

In other news, I seem to be unable to stop from hurting myself. I stubbed my toe while taking out junk during the storage area clean up, or at least I thought I did. Come to find out later that the big toenail chipped and took a tiny nick out of my toe. Tiny bit of blood, nothing major, but it did explain why it hurt so damn much. I have random scrapes on my hands which I didn’t discover until cutting up lemons and salting the chicken this past Saturday, ouch! I’ve been bumping into surfaces at the office, I nearly burned myself trying to clean up spilled over dessert from my Healthy Choice lunch (I hate those cherry crisp things) and almost slipped on spilled water from the freezer in the pantry.

Is someone trying to tell me something? ‘cos I’ll go home if so, really I will!

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3 Responses

  1. shindo says:

    I love those personalized spam mails, especially the scams. I should collect them and start using them as examples of effective writing in my English courses. That they use intimate type of messages in their very inpersonal e-mails is worth studying.

    It’s funny they didn’t get your name right. Someone out there is very sloppy with their spam.;)

    Sloppy spamming – that sounds loaded.

  2. Chris says:

    Somehow I missed the bit where you burned yourself on the Healthy Choice dessert – I’m running about a 40% success rate with those myself. I think they just do it for fun (theirs, not ours — “Let’s see what else we can get them to do!”)

    Sometimes I feel sorry for those spammers. I routinely get ones that offer me hot photos of lesbian sex — I mean, that’s stuff I ain’t interested times two. And they put all that work into writing those grammatically incorrect messages … it’s a shame, really. Whoever does their target audience R&D is asleep at the switch.

    I stand by my earlier assertion that the picture looks like a cross between a troll and a lifesaver.

    • Brian says:

      I try and keep the whines out of the IMs if at all possible. But yeah it was a real slapstick day for me.

      I saw it and thought “Ring Pop?” “teething ring?”. My female readers on LiveJournal were quick to set me straight, as it were.

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