No more evening supermarket trips

People in Logan Circle/U St. really need a second grocery option. Whole Foods was a madhouse last night. Not that I really mind that, but DC people aren’t really … aware of anyone else besides themselves. There was a lot of cart nudging, carts on my feet, getting whacked by baskets and people who couldn’t even say “excuse me” when they’d ran right into me. The things we do for friends!

Justin had been feeling a little low, understandably, so I told him I’d make us dinner and we could watch movies. He’s a vegetarian, an ethical one, so he’ll eat poultry that’s raised organic, cruelty-free, etc. — I’m sure these birds lived a very happy life up until they were killed for us. Whole Foods is the only place near me that carries such birds, so we headed down there. Following Ina’s advice, I only cooked some things, and got the rest pre-prepared. A quick trip to the food bar netted us garlic green beans and cucumber & tomato salad. A few circles around the wine area had 4 bottles of red materializing in our cart. I know, red with chicken, but I’m just not that big a fan of white wines, and the way I roast a chicken it’s got a lot of strong flavor that I feel is complimented by a red. At home I steamed up a batch of jasmine rice and we were on our way, I even managed to have everything finish at around the same time, though we did snack on the salad while watching the movie. If a theater sold that at the concession stand, I’d totally pay the huge prices for it. When you let it drain a bit, it’s the perfect finger food.

We tried to watch I, Robot, but the dvd was too scratched up, so we settled on Calendar Girls. I hadn’t seen either one yet. I, Robot looked like “Will Smith’s Minority Report” and Calendar Girls was a lot of fun, a bit predictable towards the end but I do love me some Helen Mirren.

The meal was a success, a little extra butter basting gave it a nice crispy golden skin, and somehow in my hurry to get it into the oven, as it takes about an hour and a half to cook, I put the bird in the pan upside down. But this made the breast, now on the bottom, much more juicy than usual, so I may have to try it again. Justin thought the food was great, which makes it all worthwhile for me. I don’t cook for compliments, but I want to know that what I make honestly tastes good. Though it’s hard not to be chuffed when someone that rarely eats meat thinks yours is delicious. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. Chris says:

    Red wine with chicken, wine in a box … if you mention Riuniti Lambrusco, I am *so* sending you a gift certificate for a private oenology consultation. What would Ina say? ๐Ÿ˜†

    For the record, Will Smith’s Minority Report would have been a significant improvement for I, Robot. It was more like the Will Smith version of any one of a number of Ahnuld Shvazenegger movies in which he plays a convict on the run/clone/bounty hunter … you know the story. They only have one.

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