I wish I knew how to quit you…

Yes, it’s St. Valentine’s Day. I’m not really for or against this holiday this year. I’m not compelled to write a tirade or lines of schmaltz.

But I write this to expose my secret love, the object of my desire, my most insane and unhealthy passion… I love food.

I’m sure this comes as no surprise to you all, you’ve seen the signs. The wanton lust for kitchen gadgets, the many links to food blogs, the many many flickr pics. And like most (gay) men when they can’t truly be with the object of desire, I turn to porn… foodporn. I can’t get enough of it, the piles and piles of discarded kleenex by my computer and bedside to wipe up the drool is getting more than a bit embarassing.

Now that it’s out in the open, I share with you a little foodporn for your desktop from Nordljus. And I hope to do a little amateur work of my own this evening at home, nothing better than homegrown foodporn. 😉

Happy (or Anti-) St. Valentine’s Day everyone.

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