Either I’m part Kryptonian…

Phone speaker… or people really need to re-think appropriate speakerphone use.

Currently I can hear, to my left, someone having a call on their speakerphone. I can hear them and their other party quite clearly.

On my right, I can also hear the other party on his speakerphone with the person’s voice from my left blaring from their speaker.

I actually haven’t developed super-hearing, their desks just aren’t that far from each other. They could accomplish the same thing by yelling, which they practically are already. They aren’t talking about anything that would require them both to be at their machines — I’m not eavesdropping so much as I’m not taking extreme measures to block out their conversation — they just don’t want to get up and walk the…30 or so paces it would take to meet face to face. And apparently neither one has the strength or inclination to pick up their handset, just push buttons.


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6 Responses

  1. The woman who used to be in the office next to me used to talk on hers so loudly — and crank up the speaker so loudly — that I could hear both sides of the conversation through the wall. Naturally, she was always the first to come to my office whenever I was having a meeting and we were ‘being too loud’ for her (i.e., talking at normal volume).

    Personally, I think we ought to petition for some sort of exemption from prosecution for acts of minor violence committed in situations where it’s motivated by people talking on speaker phones. If I beat you senseless with a pillow because you’re talking too loudly, that’s your fault, not mine …

    • shindo says:

      Inconsiderate people often fail to see what they do when they complain about others. It sounds like she needed a good jacket whipping. I’d flog her with my sweater.

  2. Christopher says:

    From Twitter: Sending daggers of hate towards the loud-talking man behind me. The same one that earlier this week said he’d “try to keep it down”.

    ‘Hate’ is such a strong word – you should rephrase – how about “sending daggers of malcontent” or “sending daggers of dominant dissatisfaction”. 🙂

    It’s funny tho – I blogged about this the other week: http://blog.abersparky.com/2007/04/24/pet-peeve-loud-ass-cellphones/

  3. shindo says:

    I’ve never liked using speaker phones unless I could close the door or involve my co-workers.

    The joys of multi-tasking (or just being too damn lazy to hold a phone) has affected the worklives of everyone else.

    What is so important that these people can’t hold their phones (or use a hands-free headset)?

  1. May 28, 2007

    […] Urban Bohemian wonders whether he’s part Kryptonian or whether his cube-neighbours just need to shut the hell up […]

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