I’m going to write a diary… someday!

I’m still playing catch up with my RSS feeds, I haven’t gotten over to livejournal yet, but reading up on Chris’ blog, I saw his entry about Harry Potter and the Secret Chamber Pot of Azerbaijan, so of course I had to find a non-YouTube version online (which I did and it’s currently on my iPod next to Hip Hop Kids) but in the course of our IM conversation he mentioned an old SNL TV Funhouse spoof called Titey: Disney’s cheerful spin on Titanic. I missed a lot of SNL, especially the shorts except for TAGD, but gods bless the internet for giving it back to me in small commercial-free doses…

[flv:titey.flv 425 320]

Welcome Okayplayer visitors, glad you like the video!

I believe there will be the partaking of nachos and drinks tonight — *fingers crossed.

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