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Just over a month to go — *squee! There are some previews and promos out on the web and I realize I’m getting pretty excited about the return of the series. I have done absolutely no viral work though, any online episodes, or tie-in websites or comic books have completely escaped me, so if there’s something I should check out, let me know. And Battlestar Galactica returns on November 24!!

A show y’all might enjoy watching if you aren’t already is AMC’s Mad Men, much like The Closer brought TNT into the spotlight, this show is already picking up a lot of buzz. But watching it is more than just watching a show, at times it feels like a study of the 1960’s. It makes you wonder if you’re watching a sort of speculative fiction about that era, or if everything else you’ve seen on film about that period of time was the true science fiction. It peels back the layers and we really see what’s going on in the minds and lives of these characters as well as just how much they rode that fine line between personal hedonistic expression and repressive outward behavior. And if you don’t dig a little cultural anthropology, it’s just plain pretty to look at.

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  1. shindo says:

    BSG returns on the 24th? I thought it was going to be early ’08. I guess Sci-Fi’d have a riot on their hands, though they keep throwing out the stop-gaps.

    Escapism (of sorts) and Apollo/Helo/Anders gawking will relieve me of the towards the end of the semester blah’s and reading term papers. I wish.

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