Today is where your book begins

Well I’m feeling a little better for having vented a bit. I got home and made some dinner and some cocktails and have been enjoying some television. Having the ability to update my TiVo scheduled recordings away from home makes me very susceptible to any sort of ad for a new tv show. I don’t have to remember it, I just need to get to a computer and schedule it to record! After that, I can keep watching or junk it.

Pandora had a banner ad for Live at Abbey Road on Sundance channel and I figured I’d give it a go. Well the gods of TV were watching out for me tonight. The episode featured Natasha Bedingfield and Gipsy Kings and was very well-timed. Even though her song “Unwritten” was over played and used for a shampoo commercial, I think, it’s still a great song. The lyrics are simply empowering and a reminder that you really do have to take charge of your life because “no one else” can do it for you.

[flv:unwritten.flv 474 242]

In addition to the live performance of this, she performed two other songs and the Gipsy Kings did a fantastic performance of Bambaleo and other hits. It also featured Iron Maiden but… *eh.

Hey, ya had to figure that if I was drinking I might well end the evening on a pretty positive, or at least false-positive note. 🙂

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