beefcake: New Gay Pride fundraising idea?

Topless Car Wash on Long Island Disappoints Some Guys

Cute girls in skimpy clothing held up signs enticing motorists to drive into a topless car wash, but behind a blue tarp curious people found shirtless firefighters ready with soapy brushes.

For something like that, I wouldn’t mind having a car again…

Two young guys in a car laughed good-naturedly about their apparent disappointment when they drove through the blue trap hiding the surprise.

“Well I did see some boobs, but not what I was expecting,” one man said. “At least we supported the fire department.”

Considering all the calendars guys (and girls) go crazy for, including the ones that were pulled, maybe especially those. I’m sure that local businesses, fitness centers especially, could earn a lot with a topless car wash here in the DC Metro area. I for one would gladly rent a Zipcar to make a donation for the cause.

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4 Responses

  1. Esprix says:

    That’s just ’cause you’re a horny bastard. 🙂

    I read the other links, and I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that they’d forbid any future calendars because one guy was in a video before he was even a firefighter. So what? It raised $150K for them last year – don’t they need as much money as they can get? If they’re willing to prostitute model them out for a stupid beefcake calendar to make money, surely something as stupid as showing your junk at Mardi Gras for beads isn’t enough to pull the plug on the entire project. Frelling ridiculous.

    • Brian says:

      Hey, some of those Zipcars are filthy! :mrgreen:

      It may be ridiculous, but it’s the current social fabric of the nation. I don’t even know how someone made the connection between the GGW and the calendar, but I’m betting someone has a lot of time on their hands, and a video collection their wife/husband doesn’t know about.

  2. Neal says:

    Wow. A firemen car wash! I’d stop once a week. The only car washes I ever see are high school cheerleaders and well, that doesn’t do a darn thing for me.

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