I learned to drive!

It just seems funny to say that for my birthday. This morning we headed down to Solomons Island to meet up with Justin’s parents and head to Stoney’s for lunch. He told me that his back was really bothering him and that I was going to have to drive. I thought he was joking — oh no. He called from his usual block away and I came downstairs to see the Land Rover out front and him in the passenger seat. It’s not that I can’t drive, I just don’t do it very often. Starting out was pretty slow going, but I got the hang of it soon enough with him giving directions.

After lunch and more colossal crab cakes, we made a brief stop for ice cream and then headed to Artsfest at Annmarie Garden. It was nice, but a lot of the art was along the same lines: beads, ceramics and woodworking, so the offerings tended to blur together and nothing really stood out. Still it was a nice walk and a cool and sunny day for it. I wish something had caught my eye, but there wasn’t anything too spectacular.

After the Artsfest, it was back to their house where I helped his father fix a printer issue on his machine and then we hit the road back to DC. Somehow on the ride home I really got a second wind so I felt like going out. I made my first call on my new iPhone to Gregory and bugged him to get out of the house for some drinks.

It was a usual night on the town, a few drinks, a lot of laughs, dinner at Trio’s and dessert at Sweetlicks. When we were at Halo, I got a call/message from my father. I called him back and he told me that my brother had been in a very bad motorcycle accident. Apparently he was hit by a car and then run over by a truck after getting knocked off of his bike. He’s in stable condition for now, but I may have to head to Atlanta in the near future to see him. While I tried not to let that put a damper on the evening, it was hard not to think about it. Still, my parents will let me know how things go and I’ll most likely head down next weekend to check in on him.

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7 Responses

  1. Raine says:

    I was trying to say happy birthday to you, but you weren’t online. Happy Birthday!

    Sorry to hear about your brother. I hope he is ok.

  2. William Mize says:

    God, I hope your brother is okay. I think of my time riding a cycle out in SF, and I thank my lucky stars. They’re fun and cool, but dangerous. Holler if you need anything.

  3. I want to say we are in support of your brother and we are sorry to hear of his accident. It’s not easy to hear about an accident like your brother’s and not respond to his needs. If your brother and you, your family have any questions we are all here to support you. And Happy Birthday!!

    Garry Van Kirk
    Bikers Accident Survivor Forum

  4. Chris says:

    Ugh, that sucks. I hope your brother turns out OK … that sounds awful. 😥

    P.S. You’re not really one of them, you know, but I can’t pass up the opportunity not to express my jealousy about your new iPhone.

  5. Felissa says:

    I hope your brother’s ok… Hubby and I are sending positive thoughts his way. Please share my contact info with your parents in case they or your brother need anything ( I am guessing they are down here in Atlanta ). If you head down this way let us know… we have lots of guest room space if you need it . What hospital is your brother in ? Email me and I can email you my full contact info..

  6. Esprix says:

    You keep coming down here, but we never see you. 🙁

    (Not that we could have this weekend, anyway – we were in Rehomo, DE. But still!)

  7. Brian says:

    Hey–just read about your brother, and that he seems to be doing OK. Glad to hear it. If you do end up coming down this way, and need anything at all, let me know. Or even if you don’t come down this way, and still need something, let me know that, too.

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