Well, someone at finally listened to me and either got on the ball or got on the manufacturer’s case. Since I’ve dealt in retail before, I can certainly understand that the delays may not have been their fault, I mainly had a problem with their method of customer service.


    I do apologize for the delayed response. They have completed production of your pieces and they are en route to the local delivery agent. The estimation on delivery is 2-3 weeks. Due to the delays, we have given you 10% off of your order. The credit for $136.50 will be applied to your final balance. Thank you for your patience.

    Mike Hartford
    Customer Care Representative

Honestly, I wasn’t even expecting them to give that much, but perhaps persistence and being a pest really does pay off.

Man I am full of blogs today… Probably ‘cos my usual AIM chatters and MUSH chatters don’t seem to be around today. Hell, another 6 hours and I’m out of here anyway. Good thing I’m thinking about cleaning up the living room!

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