Ok, now they can’t shut him up

I just got off the phone with my brother. He sounds a lot better, speaking much longer sentences, no more breaks where he’s clearly in pain. Apparently his belches are still painful however, that was a treat on the phone, let me tell ya. He was using his speaker phone with my mother’s help to keep it in range.

They’ve moved him to a different room and he has a view of downtown now. They’re still treating him “roughly” says he, but I pointed out that just about everything hurts, they can’t completely treat him with kid gloves. They haven’t even really started any physical therapy yet.

Just yesterday, while I was talking to Serge, I think it really hit me just how close we came to losing him. When I was there, I was helping them move him and I saw all the stitches along his back and arm and even thinking about it now kinda freaks me out. He was very fortunate, that’s all there is to say about it. He still has no recollection of the day’s events and maybe it’s better that way for now. But it’s been about 10 days since the accident and his condition has really improved. I don’t know when they’ll release him, but even after that he’s going to have quite a climb ahead of him to be fully healed.

Thanks to everyone that’s asked after him. When I visited, I told him that a lot of my friends were sending good wishes his way and he seemed really surprised but I can tell it made him feel a bit better.

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  1. Everett says:

    Well, I’m glad to hear he’s improving — yes, it’ll be a long road ahead. And maybe this time he won’t go back to the ‘cycle. I wouldn’t be surprised if your relationship with him changed from this.

    Meanwhile, any inkling to see the new Queen Elizabeth movie?

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