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Um… surprise hiatus? Yeah, sorry about that, but it’s been a bit of an exhausting few weeks with not much else going on to report.

Ok, not really.

There is the matter of this place every afternoon. Like clockwork, I leave the office, head home to change into something more comfy and then begin the roughly 45 minute to an hour-long commute from my place to the hospital via train and bus. The kicker of all this is that my radiation treatments last maybe all of 3 to 5 minutes. Actually, the radiation is active for less than a minute, most of the visit is getting everything lined up properly.* And then it’s back out to wait on the bus/metro combo home. WMATA’s NextBus is getting some serious haterade from me lately. It’s really not cool to say a bus is 30-60 minutes away when it’s actually 2 minutes away.

The radiation techs do try to make conversation, but I’m only there long enough for a “How was your day/weekend?” and “Ok, see you tomorrow!” I don’t even have to put on a gown or take any clothes off aside from my hat. It’s very surreal and it’s beginning to feel routine.

My lesions are responding to treatment, which is the good thing. The bad thing is that I’m feeling the side-effects of the treatment. I’m growing more and more tired, making it harder to concentrate at work or even get out of bed some mornings, and I have a constant low-level nausea each morning that is taking long and longer to fade every day. Fun, right? :mrgreen:

Even though I mostly stay inside where it’s nice and air-conditioned, I did get out a few weekends back to meet one of my idols, Sara Moulton. We took a field trip to Bethesda to check out a tea shop, had a “family” brunch last weekend–that lasted from noon to 9pm because We Brunch HARD. Otherwise, it’s been the daily grind and kicking myself about not writing in either blog.

Writing in a diary is like a muscle, you have to do it every day or you could easily pull it.

–Cinnamon, Wigfield: The Can-Do Town That Just May Not

Yeah… what she said. I’ll try to have more interesting things to say in the days to come. Or I’ll just be asleep. It’s truly a win/win for you either way, right? 😉

* When your face is pinned down by a mask and you’re underneath a viciously buzzing machine, there’s little else to do but either count down the seconds… or play the theme song to The Brady Bunch in your head. I tried to do the latter, but there’s nowhere near enough time.

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  1. A says:

    If it’s any consolation, you look great in that photo. Hang in there, tiger.
    .-= latest entry: Mid-year check up =-.

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