We’re Adventuring with Pride for DIGIPRIDE 2023!

In these social media times of, “So… where are we all hanging out?” I figured I had best dust off ye olde blogge and post about upcoming things I’m doing. Like being in an Adventuring with Pride one-shot next week!

I keep a running document of my panels, appearances, one-shots, articles, special events, etc. but a lot of that also contains NDA stuff, or things I’ve applied and am hopeful for, but that might not happen. So I need to be better about having stuff here, and it is nice not to let this space suffer from neglect. I’m not going to be a media “notable” anytime soon, but when people look up urbanbohemian, it’s cool that this site is (hopefully) in the top results.

So… this coming Tuesday, July 11th, I’ll be bringing my Dragonborn College of Lore Bard Sylvester to the D&D virtual table as we play a one-shot from Adventuring with Pride to benefit Stream for a Cause as part of Gayming Magazine’s DIGIPRIDE!

Gayming Magazine presents a charity one-shot for Gayming Digipride. Adventuring with Pride benefitting Stream for a Cause. DM: DMJazzyHands. Players: ItsSamEllis, pherbear, urbanbohemian and fluffysnowfall. July 11th, 8pm UK, 3pm ET, https://twitch.tv/gaymingmag
Gayming Magazine presents a charity one-shot for DIGIPRIDE. “Adventuring with Pride” benefitting Stream for a Cause.
Tuesday, July 11, 3pm ET, twitch.tv/gaymingmag

With Eugenio in the DM‘s chair, myself, Sam, Pher and Fluffy! I have it on good authority that a few players are taking up classes or races from the supplement, so I can’t wait to see what kind of party we end up with, or what kind of adventure it’s going to be.

The last time I played something from the supplement it was “High Stakes” involving an all-expenses paid getaway, a mystery, and a delightful sprinkling of queer references throughout.

I love bringing Sylvester to any adventure I possibly can. I created them to be as extra as possible while still being a fairly run of the mill (to me) class and subclass with a focus on a primarily social character. He’s been sort of across the multiverse of D&D one-shots here and there. I don’t know what I’d do if this character were in any one game for more than two sessions. I might have to actually give him character development. 😬

But this sparkly quadruple threat (actor, singer, dancer, adventurer) has served me well and can generally fit in with any party, but if it’s going to be combat heavy or a meatgrinder, I’ll probably pass. Sylvester is a talker, not a fighter. In one one-shot, he defused the BBEG’s plan with a clever use of Enthrall and some fast talking while his party members were grabbing the MacGuffin before we got the heck out of there.

With this table of players and DM, I’m expecting a wonderful time with lots of laughs, so I hope you’ll hang out too and share in the fun!

And as for the bird, elephant, sky, spool, etc. in the room… I am doing my best to be on all the new social media sites, but it’s a LOT to keep up with and frankly, it’s kind of exhausting. I can’t imagine what social media managers are going through right now. Twitter was very much my go-to, it was my “muscle memory” for social media, and now it’s being broken possibly beyond all repair.

I don’t want to become akin to a spammer, posting the same thoughts, links and updates to every site, but as much as it was social, it was also media. Creatives were able to get their work out there, their links posted, it sort of built a mini online resume of who and what we were all about. And now to find that, people are going to have to search across whichever site someone might be on, and hope that they have access. It’s a mess.

So I’ll keep posting my stuff here, and linking to it there (and there, and there, and there, and… there), and hoping that works.

Have a great weekend, everyone! 💖

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