It’s the smell!

Please friends, could no one else get sick or hurt? Pedestrians watch your step and drivers your blind spots for a while? I really don’t care for hospitals, and I don’t want to visit any more anytime soon. It’s not just the smell, that’s actually gotten a lot better, it’s just the atmosphere.

Sunday afternoon Justin kept mentioning that his tummy hurt, he wasn’t hungry at all and he thought he might just be coming down with the flu. Monday he IMs me to say that his still in a lot of pain and he thinks it might be appendicitis. I don’t really know anything about that, I still have my appendix and my tonsils, but he’s a nurse, he’d probably know. His doctor confirmed that he should go to the ER at GW (not his choice). He texted me around 3am and 5am but I wasn’t up. This morning he called to tell me that it was appendicitis, but apparently he also had a rare form of diverticulitis. They were able to perform the appropriate operations, but since he’s at GW, they also keep sending around med students to observe him because he has a rare case — how annoying!

So I’ll be heading over after work to check up on him, I’m not sure how long he’ll need to be in. Hopefully his parents will be able to check in on his cats since I can’t get over there without a car.

Everyone else, please stay well.

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  1. Everett says:

    Oh geez . . . well, I’m glad he’s okay and even if they’re annoying, it’s good to havea lot of people looking at you and checking your status.

    Hang in there, Brian! I’ll send Justin some good thoughts.

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