Obey Mr. Muggles

Mr. Muggles is my hero

’nuff said, Mr. Muggles knows the score! As it is not even 24 hrs after broadcast, I won’t say much more except that so far the subplots aren’t really grabbing me and some of the writing seems counter-character. But it was very cool to see the twins in action.

Aside from that, last night I was cleaning the heck out of my apartment kitchen and bathroom because they’re coming through to bait and treat for mice and roaches. I don’t have mice or roaches, but they’re coming anyway. I was mainly annoyed because their instructions were:

  • remove all drawers in the kitchen
  • remove all food and food utensils from the counter tops
  • remove all items from underneath the kitchen sink
  • remove all items from underneath the bathroom sink
  • clean off the floor of the bedroom closet

Now I’m pretty sure I’d know if I had anything crawling around those areas, especially the floor of my closet considering I have a platform bed! Other residents were annoyed and posted a few well-worded gripes to the building’s mailing list, but those got no response. It’s frustrating because as a renter, I don’t really have a voice, but they’ve usually been pretty good at treating the renters like residents, not just tenants.

I don’t really know much about the network myNetwork, here it’s WDCA my20, but last night they were airing a Maroon 5 concert on their program Control Room Presentsopposite Heroes?! Thankfully my trusty media center was able to record it, and because I saved it there, I can edit out all the commercials quite easily, so *nyahh! Speaking M5, Adam Levine lent his talents to a new Andy Samberg SNL digital short, “Iran So Far” which had been officially posted to YouTube, but also seems to have been officially taken down. I wonder why…? No matter, audio quality is a little low, it’s safe for speakers, but headphones are recommended to hear it properly:

[flv:samberg_levine.flv 425 320]

I’m also listening to George Michael on Desert Island Discs today, it’s actually a good interview with some good musical selections. Whatever you think of the man, it’s still interesting to hear his perspective on growing into fame and where he finds himself now.

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