Wouldn’t you like to be a web developer too?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m not a fan of bureaucracy in the workplace. I just want to come in, do my job, turn in my projects and go home. Generally web team projects don’t get the same kind of planning and scrutiny as some of the other teams because ours are more fluid, but one thing we do have to deal with is the process-in-place for making changes. Current and former co-workers know what I’m talking about…

One of the browsers/apps we use is Firefox, which updates its current version more often than the tides shift, and is barely a development tool as much as its an interpreter. For the most part, it isn’t making any extreme changes on our machines. But with the fun fun fun red tape we have around here, to officially process the software update, one has to fill out a form with the justification for the change & schedule for the entire team updating their versions, electronically sign it, submit it for review, get a second electronic signature, attend a meeting where we might have to defend & explain the reason for the change, wait for approval and a third and final signature and then contact our on-site help desk to come and perform the update on our machines. — Because we don’t have the rights and permission to click a button to start a 30-90 second process. Yr tx $ @ wrk, folks!

That screenshot up above? That’s just part of the fun of using Dreamweaver, admittedly an older Macromedia version, not Adobe. I have no idea what I did to cause that dialog box, but I feel very affirmed that whatever I did, it wasn’t an error.

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3 Responses

  1. Neal says:

    What is up with Firefox lately anyway? It crashes on me at least twice a day because I dared to open more than one tab. I’m going to start calling it FailFox soon and go back to using Netscape 4.

  2. That screenshot — and your comment — made my day.

  3. Brian says:

    @Neal: The main culprit for my crashes lately has been the new version of Gmail. Clicking on labels or trying to sort through my Spam or Trash causes my entire Firefox to lock up. A look around the ‘net tells me that I’m not alone.

    @Kris: Just trying to do my part! 🙂

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