Frizzy Friday

While I’m all for growing my hair back out for a while, I’m really glad that it’s still short today. I won’t continue moaning about the state of the temperature in my apartment… well maybe just a little, bit. I managed to wake up on time today, but there was nothing I could do to cool down before leaving the house. It seems that I’m naturally running pretty hot lately and while there was a tiny hint of a breeze inside, when I hit the streets there was nothing but the muggy heat. Back in college on days like this it definitely would have been a KMS Flat Out day. I think we got a bit of rain earlier this afternoon, but I’m not sure that will make it any more comfortable to go outside and head home.

It’s one of those “I’m in charge” days today as my manager is out. However all that really means is that I’m the only one here in the main web team pit. My headphones have been securely in my ears nearly all day, trying to drown out the co-workers around me that clearly have nothing at all to do today. Then again, the one behind me just watches YouTube and checks his myspace page pretty much all day long. Nice work if you can get it, I suppose.

I am hesitantly trying out this new thing called BlogRush, designed to bring more views to my site. I don’t really understand how it all is supposed to work, but I do know that their standard widget is horrible! I appreciate that I can change the colors of it, but it doesn’t fit nicely into my sidebar layout. I had to shove it so far down the page, that it’s kinda useless. I’ll try putting it at the top, but then it just sticks out over the side of the boundary. If it were something a little more funky, this would be cool, but really it could do with more customization options.

Company picnic tomorrow. Yay? I do recall having fun at the last one, but I am just not feeling it or much of anything else this weekend. I’m almost at that “breathe a sigh of relief” point, but not quite. Justin seems to be ok back at work, but he still has to take it easy. My brother was discharged yesterday and will be going back in next week for surgery on his hand/arm. He still needs to come to terms with the fact that he was in a major accident and “fully functional” may be a long way off, if at all.

I’ve got another friend about to undergo a hospital visit. Elective surgery, this time, thank goodness. It just gave me a little chuckle to wonder what it might be like if the Get Well Card industry went into specific cards for specific procedures. And if they did, just what the cards for top surgery might look like. And would you be able to find an appropriately coordinating floral arrangement, maybe one that came with a Bind-A-Bear™?

Ok, I think stir-craziness has now set in.

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3 Responses

  1. shin says:

    I must agree. That is a horrible widget. Oh, the things we do to boost traffic.

    My impulse while looking at it was to look for the X to close this “window.”

    Have fun at the company picnic. I hope your friend is doing ok.

  2. Company picnic in October? Is my former company that good at predicting the weather?

  3. Brian says:

    @Kris: They probably just had a opening in the schedule. 🙄

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