Two Crazy Sistas…

That could very well be the title of a new show on BET. It can’t be any worse a title than Hot Ghetto Mess. The Starbucks Red Eye is currently coursing through my veins and giving me amazing caffeine-related superpowers. If I squint, I think I can see through time. Unfortunately the only thing I can see is a vision of myself on my next visit to Starbucks… I’ve also got a sore throat which I’m told isn’t the flu but a cold that’s going around. When you feel sick, who cares which bug it is?

So, crazy sistas in the news. It really isn’t any surprise when Sherri Shepherd says or does something that brands her a moron, but this one takes the cake: I Couldn’t [Beat] My Kid In A ‘Rich White Folks’ Store. I’m not sure why it’s so funny to me. My parents weren’t too fond of sparing the rod, but when the time came it didn’t matter where we were or who was around. They were gonna tear up my little behind for acting out. Though from the things I hear about The View through the people I follow on twitter, this is nothing new. You have to wonder if this is just what comes of a show that is loosely formatted and the people just talk and talk and speak their minds without first pausing to actually think about what’s on their minds.

Former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is running for president as a member of the Green Party, which she says shares her views on ending the Iraq war, protecting the environment and other issues.

I dunno where to even start, even my coffee isn’t enough to give me energy and words to ramble on about this one. I’ll just be interested to see how far she gets with this one, and how many staffers and security guards she smacks around when they fail to recognize her and see what the rest of the world does, a crazy black woman.

Also, listening to Graduation and The Cool today and shame on you all for not telling me to pick them up and listen sooner. Admittedly considering my usual friend/blog reading demographic, most of you are off the hook… except for you Kris. Yeah that’s right, I went there.

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