it’s a Disco/House/Funk kinda morning

album cover, Joey Negro - In the HouseJoey Negro – In the House

Oh it’s got to be a good morning when the temps are in the low 70s and I have new music to walk to work with.

We got another extension, so no work furlough today (darn), but I have Joey’s mix to keep me company as well as Back to Mine, with the Pet Shop Boys‘ selections. Very different discs between the two of them.

I have to head out to Best Buy or similar today to shop for a new mouse and keyboard and KVM as all of mine have decided to stop responding properly and there isn’t enough space on my desk for 2 keyboards, etc. Any suggestions for a manufacturer that makes a cross-platform keyboard or mouse would be welcome. I had a Logitech Cordless Desktop Duo, but now the keyboard doesn’t want to talk to the base station anymore. The KVM might be perfectly fine, but with no functioning keyboard I can’t tell.

And today in 1995, Lie Down with Dogs opened, according to Queery’s “Gay on this Day”… This was one of the first gay films I saw at a Philadelphia gay film festival, with the director/writer/producer/star there. I was reviewing it for a gay rag and I took the director to task on some of the obvious racial gay stereotypes in the film, as well as other things I observed. Perhaps a “meet the director and star after the screening” event wasn’t the place for such things, but the film was just so.. bad for an indie. I think it started my downward spiral of expectations for gay cinema. Most of them just seem like an excuse to get hot boys on screen (with less and less clothing) and then push the envelope as close to the fringes of porn as cinematically possible. With dashes of (usually cliched) story and liberal doses of camp scattered about here and there for good measure. All that said, I’m looking forward to seeing Mysterious Skin.

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