The dream’s the thing!

I’m fairly sure that the recent hot spell is to blame for my sickness. It’s pretty much headache, dizziness and nausea, and it started right around when we hit the mid-60s. Not that it would normally have any effect on me, but living on a high floor in a building where people only have the ability for hot air from their fans, I think my body just wasn’t ready for it. I opened the windows before going to bed, but I’ve gotten used to only hearing the muffled street noises from below in the middle of the night and wasn’t in the mood for the full orchestra. So sleeping in a sauna, as I’ve mentioned before, isn’t too much fun. Though it is giving me the strangest dreams!

Monday evening, I dreamt that I was staying in a rowhouse on a Main Street of some sort, kinda like Old Town Alexandria, and that I was going to a concert with my ex, and a couple that are friends of a friend. Basically three people that I would never choose to attend any kind of event with without some form of people buffers in place. I don’t know who we were going to see, but every step of our trip was halted by some form of roadblock or another. Lost tickets, metro delays, unavailability of cabs and traffic. I don’t think I need a dream book to explain that one, still odd that any of these people would play a prominent role in my dreams. Of course I woke up feeling really sweaty and gross, not that I blame the dream, but I’m sure it was reflecting my discomfort.

Last night was the really weird dream. Kept shifting around a lot. I remember that I was Storm riding with Jubilee in a jeep around the X-Men’s Australian Outback base. This was odd since they weren’t aware of Jubilee’s presence. Then I was on a cruise ship with my vacation-mate trying to get me to go to the buffet with him while the maître d’ was trying to sell me steaks, like 200 of them! Then I was at some kind of county fair, just visiting mind you. I’d told a woman that I was going to college for medical technology and she asked me to examine her. I ignored her and quickly walked to a booth that had, of all things, a present-wrapping competition. Participants were given paper and a box and had to match various display models as closely as possible.

My computer woke me up around 3 because it was trying to reboot after applying updates and was unable to, filling the room with bright light, so I turned that off and went back to sleep. At some point between my iPhone going off and my alarm clock ringing, I caught myself talking in my sleep. I’m not exactly sure how this worked, but there was a distinct part of me talking and another listening… I don’t really get it except that I never (rarely?) talk in my sleep so it was kinda odd. The delirium that accompanies illness is oh so much fun!

On a completely different note… Button-down collars? Are these out yet for business attire, because they really should be. I mean with suits and ties, not a more casual look. I am a big fan of a man in a suit (they look so hot) but when I see the nice tie with a button-down collar, it makes me cringe! I know collar stays can be a pain. You always end up with an odd number and I’m constantly sending shirts to be cleaned without removing the stays first, but they just have a sharper look. What do y’all think about this?

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4 Responses

  1. William Mize says:

    In my book, button down collars were never, ever, ever in for business attire. Or any other attire. Only Bob Newhart could get away with wearing one, for obvious reasons.

  2. shindo says:

    Button-down collars with ties – definite no. Those shirts look too casual.

    There is a dress shirt with button holes on the back sides of the collar points while crisp in the front. That’s do-able, but it’s a pain in the ass to button. Better be without any buttons at all for the collar.

    Man in suit, especially when it fits right – hot.

    What’s not hot – sleeping in a sauna. I hope the weather mellows out soon.

  3. Brian says:

    @Bill, I’m not getting the Bob Newhart joke… I think my distaste of the shirt is so strong that I can’t even see those on anyone. Except perhaps men who only know how to shop out of the Dockers catalog…

    @shindo, there was a very cute man in the Starbucks today, sportcoat, slacks, sweater, shirt, tie, pocket hanky… I have no idea how he managed to wear all that, drink coffee and not sweat, but he looked sooooo fine!

    I have no ability to put a sportcoat/blazer together with any kind of ensemble. Perhaps that will be one of my 2008 projects.

  4. William Mize says:

    @Brian – No worries. You were probably too young to remember, but Bob Newhart gained overnight fame and fortune by putting out the first comedy album ever, called “The Button Downed Mind of Bob Newhart”. It’s considered one of the classics of the genre and won a Grammy, I believe.
    Yeah, he had a career before “The Bob Newhart Show” and “Newhart” 🙂

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